All About Yellow Phonebox Art

I’m Magz.


Back in 2017/18 I rediscovered how much I love drawing, scribbling and doodling. From there, I decided to create a global dominating brand and inflict the world with my arty stuff! So began Yellow Phonebox Art.

OK, maybe not exactly global dominating. That sounds way too scary. 

 So, instead, I opened a little Etsy shop to see if anyone would like to buy a postcard or greeting card adorned with my scribbles and perhaps even be tempted to purchase a print of one of my drawings. Astonishingly, they did!

I work mainly with colour pencil but also dabble with watercolour, acrylic, pastels, marker pens and usually end up splatting a bit of everything on any given piece as I go along. 


I’d say I have two types of art going on (typical Gemini!) One side is the highly detailed stuff and the other is fairly simple cartoony graphics which I like to use for stickers and things.

All the things I have in my shop, both online and in-person (I’ve recently started being a trader at local comic-cons and fairs!) are made by myself from design to sticking the inners into each greeting card by hand. I try to use the best quality materials I can afford while keeping the price as fair as possible. 

Occasionally, someone will tell me their story connected to why they are buying a certain card or a particular art print, either for themselves or to give to someone dear to them. Suddenly this piece of art which started on my drawing board means something unique and special to someone I have never met and this has been the most unexpected and brilliant thing that has happened as a result of picking up my pencils again.


Hopefully my art makes someone, somewhere, smile a little.

(How cheesy is that! 😀 ) 

My cosy little studio.


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