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Well, I’m so glad you asked! 
There’s actually been lots of stuff happening at the Yellow Phonebox! Although a considerable amount of my time has been spent lounging around drinking vast amounts of tea (open to sponsorships by Tetley, PG Tips etc.) I would like to point out that this time has been used to think up lots of new ideas, including a new line of very snazzy beverage receptacles!
I’ve also been busy with several commissions and have taken the Yellow Phonebox out for a spin to Deecon ‘24 in Dundee at the beginning of April.
Mainly, I’ve been working on getting the new shop ready for launch on this very website. I’m still planning to keep the Etsy shop going but I’m hoping to have some items exclusive to this site in an undisguised effort to encourage lots of lovely peeps over to what I have just this very second, decided to refer to as ‘The Yellow Phonebox Experience!’
I obviously haven’t had enough tea so far today to come up with anything even vaguely worthwhile…

I’m off to rectify that problem right now!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Etsy Shop has re-opened


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